Yours Till Midnight

I'm yours till midnight
And then I'm gone,
Just like the last words
Of the last song.

I won't leave you
Until the witching hour,
Try to be your bright shield
Against the dark knight's power.

I'll try to be brave
And protect you from harm,
But here it's so cold,
And there it's so warm.

I will be your soldier,
Sheathed in white,
But I'll go in the moment
When there is no more light.

When the clock strikes twelve
I'll disappear,
And when I leave you
You'll discover fear.

It's the land of faeries,
It's the land of strange.
It's the land of witches
When dimensions rearrange.

At midnight, the world
Will embrace the dark.
And I won't be there
To make quirky remarks.

Through the morning,
I can remain.
Through the afternoon,
It's no pain.

Past the evening,
I'll be here.
But when the clock strikes twelve
I'll disappear.

I still love you;
Don't ever doubt it.
But when it's the witching hour,
There's no way around it.

I'm yours still midnight
But when the clock goes dong,
Don't turn around;
I'll already be gone.

The End

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