You're Not Alone

I’m tired and hurt by living this way

The insecurity you gave me from one choice had filled me with extraordinary doubt

Suppressed by this pain

Then on top of all of it

The others who think they are everything

Trample on your last bit of pride

Spitting in your eye when you’re kicked down

Don’t they know better than to treat a fellow human the same as they wish to be treated?

Then again they think of you less than a human because you are just independent

The wounds those people had marked on me are still open

The screams I have screeched still echo in my throat

The tears I have cried have soaked into my face like a sponge

I have drowned too many times in my life

Once is already bad, but three is way too much for my age

Those people can be so cruel and they don’t realize that others like me are already hurt

When will they open their eyes and see that everything they say behind our backs,

To our faces and written on the walls will only make us more sad?

They will make you feel less than what you are

The hugs from our own arms are our friends who know us

Not that we don’t have friends but we don’t wish to burden them with our insides

When their mocking continues you feel the vine slipping from your hand as you hand over a cliff

One thing, before you decide to go

Write something to point out the people who made you do it

For they are the real murderers!

They broke the law by depriving you of your right as a citizen on Earth

They deserve to die as a penalty, not you because they say you’re guilty for being different

Others out there who feel this hurt

You’re not alone

The End

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