You're my everything

Isn't it strange how you never really considered yourself strong when you're the backbone of this relationship?
Isn't it odd how you never thought much of yourself when you're the most important person in my life?
Now isn't it funny how you never believed you would have this effect on anyone?
I assure you, you are strong and brilliant.
You're my everything.

Is it truly a wonder that my heart melts when I see you?
Is it really that surprising that I find anything about you fascinating?
Are you so astonished that you have this effect on someone?
I assure you, you render me lovestruck and are captivating.
You're my everything.

There's this beautiful garden full of roses and lavender
Doves nestle in the branches of the oak and sycamore trees
Wood pigeons chant their haunting song: ‘Hoo hoo, hoo-oo hoo hoo.'
Everything seems beautiful although the scene inspired by the love of the gardener
and the imagination she rarely sought to become immersed in are new concepts to her.
This garden is dedicated to a very special someone.

Did you honestly think you were incapable of making a girl's heart beat faster?
I assure you, that garden wouldn't exist if not for your presence in my life.
You're my everything.

Gratifying, satisfying...
I feel like I'm slowly dying
The waltz we danced and are dancing still has left me lost for words
and down I fall, your touch the feathers of the wings of birds
I can't breathe, the air in my throat is blocked by a lump
I'm on the edge of a cliff and about to jump

Scary, exciting
From where comes this magical lighting?
I know and oh my, what a shock!
It's my soul my dear, my beautiful rock
The tears start to fall as my soul shines too bright
while my heart is flying, soaring like a kite.

So could this really be new for you: that I'm enchanted and in love?
Are you sure this hasn't happened before?
Is it seriously surprise that fills your features?
Because I can't imagine anyone more perfect than you
My heart surrenders to you and my love is so true
No, you can't be surprised and you can't think it's a joke
And I've no need to assure you of something you know
My darling, my precious, my compelling, binding ring
You are my life and you're my everything.

The End

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