You're Like...

"What do you think I am like?"
Allow me to enlighten you, my dear.

You’re like sugar in my coffee
you’re like honey in my tea
you’re the birds flying in my sky
you’re the fish swimming in my sea

Something about your loving
fills me up
and when it keeps on coming
I can never get enough

You’re like flowers in my garden
and like diamonds in my cave
you’re the beauty growing in my life
you’re the hidden treasure I crave

Every time we’re together
I need more
that time always seems better
than the time spent before

You're like heaven
You're like paradise
You're like escape
You're like home

You’re like awe to my some
you’re like happy to my ness
you’re the substance feeding my joy
you’re the fount where I find my bliss

No need for navigation
in this sea
caught in your gravitation
you have ahold of me

You’re like pollen in my flower
you’re like sunshine after rain
your kisses are sweeter than fine wine
your glow keeps shining through my pain

Without you I would perish
this is truth
but it is certain that you I cherish
and will so after youth

You're like fireworks
You're like explosions
You're like rushing comets
You're like shooting stars

You’re like music to my soul
and like rhythm to my dance
your body sparks the flames of my life
you keep me burning with just a glance

You could choose any lover
here I am
I promise to love you like no other
let me prove I can

You’re like the winds in my sails
you’re like the ever-changing leaves
you have a captivating way about you
but you’re as gentle as a summer breeze

Living every emotion
by your side
I offer you complete devotion
until the day I have died

You're like a sunset
You're like a sunrise
You're like a full moon
You're like Aurora skies

The End

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