Its forever...I freaking mean it this time.

It's forever, never again. I'm not doing it go be with him. you seemed pretty happy when I first walked in. go have fun enjoy your stay, just remember there's only one reason he is here.

He wont take your crap and get pulled down, he wont let you drag him through the muck. he wont listen and try or even care. he see's you for what you are, he doesn't truly care about you. when hes done he will throw you away. and you will know exactly how I feel today.

You will come crawling back begging me again, ill say no and walk away. i'm done i'm trough i'm not messing with you, i hope you try so i can see it in your eyes. I dont want you back, after all you've done, everything you've said, everything I've seen. I cant forget and I cant forgive, This time its forever 

The End

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