Bye....I'm done.

Please Be Nice guys...this is my VERY FIRST poem ive ever let someone other than me read.....

Your walls are so thick no one can get in. you keep everyone out and the evil within. your evil grows inside with no escape. then burst open the walls when it is to late. 

Let me in and you will see.  how wonderful taking down your walls can be. dont close me out please let me in. dont push me away ever again! The evil inside can be tamed. I want to help but you only blame, you act like my love is just a game. when really all I know is pain.

You expect me to come back time and time again, I'm sorry honey this time I win. take your problems somewhere else, I dont want them nor anyone else. If I were as bad as you say I am, why do I cry thats not who I am? I never hurt you, until you lied. even then I balled it up inside. I think now is time for an overdue goodbye.


The End

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