Your Touch

For awhile, a lot of the guys around here simply called me Andrew's girl. No, i wasn't his girlfriend, I was essentially his property. he staked his claim on me, and no one challenged it.
now that that is all over, i guess some poetry is in order xD

I felt your hand circle my waist,

it had been a long,hard day and your touch was welcome on my skin.

your lips, those soft lips,hovered whispering sweet nothings in my ear-

you didn't have to use any smooth words or flirt for hours on end,

your touch had always been welcome on my skin.

i felt the strength in your grasp,

and reasoned you'd never let go of the rope

holding me to you, and that was enough.

it never mattered that weeks after you first explored me, you ended up with her.

it didn't matter because your hand still held mine,

and it never mattered that i couldn't be yours all the time.

the height at which you stood,

towering over everyone and everything,

had me convinced you could see farther and obviously more than i could,

and thus you knew what was best.

i never questioned your true intentions,

i just loved the feeling of being wanted.

there was no way for you to deny me,

you craved me far more than i craved you,

you needed me, and my willingness to give in to that physical kind of love,

you want me even now,don't you?

the desire is still in your eyes even as you avoid me day after day.

you're almost to your two years anniversary with her,

and you're finally happy loving her just the way she is,

after two years, you've recieved everything both me and her have to give,

there is no doubt that this is the battle you will win,

because you know how your touch will always be welcome on my skin.

The End

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