Your The Reason

Love for me has never been very deep, but always high and steep. Yet, your the reason I found that I wasn't has emotionless as I thought.

We don't even have to touch, only stare,
Not even clutch, and even if it doesn't seem like much,
Its enough.
Its all I need, to me, its not torturous,
Your image is perfect and beautiful,
Features that are graceful, pure,
I'm 100% sure.
Your beauty is at your very core.
And so much more.

We don't have to talk, though your voice, its means to listen and rejoice.
There's nothing about you to regret, and without you there is nothing but remorse,
A empty veil of never ending black,
Dark and cold,
There would be nothing else to be told.
Your the sun that shines its way through the darkness,
It shines bright,
Your the light and everything right,
A cosmic blast that aims at you in a mixture of colors, a incredible sight.
Your worth the fight.

I would do anything for you,
I would jump into an eternity of fire, its true,
Your worth that to,
There is nothing I wouldn't do,
To make you stay, your my night and my day,
And Ill continue to tell you, to say,
That I will never leave, my heart will never stray,
It will never be 'I' but always 'us'.
And every day is a rush,
When we are together we make music,
A melody, tune,
Were in sync as it shines down at us, the moon,
Looking upon us in envy and a frown.
I feel like I could drown.

Your the reason I am here,
The reason to have one fear,
To lose you, the reason to shed a tear,
To have emotions I hadn't before,
And to open a new door,
To my heart, that I didn't at the start.
Your the reason I breath in air,
The reason I make a threat or dare,
For someone to take you away from me,
Or hurt you, from someone I just met or always knew.
Your the reason for everything I am,
Whether I care to much or don't give a da*n,
What else can I say, I've said all there is to be said,
And ill say it again.

Your the reason.

The End

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