Your Terrible Impact

All you have to do,

Is say something, anything, and you can alter my entire mood.

With you,

I want to laugh,

I want to cry.

I want to smile.

I want to die.

Tell me,

What kind of life,

Is greater than death?

I walk around the house,

And I all I do is mutter, and sigh.

You torture me, and you aren't even aware,

And in my head, I whisper things.

About how you don't care.

How I'm boring, plain, just like any other,

That there are other girls, you can always get another,

That no matter how much I try,

I'll never be as great as her in your eyes,

I'm made of flaws, 

I'm held together by threads,

But you. . . . You help tie up the loose ends.

How did you do this?

How did you find your way into my head?!

And dare I say, my heart.

What you say,

You can heal me, or tear me apart.

You can push me into the dark, you can brighten my day,

I wonder if I am just a game,

And your objective is to drive me  completely insane.

I hate you.

And love you.

I want to kiss you.

I want to weep on your shoulder.

I want to be the one, to make your eyes smolder.

But I feel so young,

Even though you are only two years older,

We connect, mentally,

I'm able to keep up with what you tell me,

But in my head,

It says that you wouldn't care if I was dead.

That you don't care,

Never will.

And you play with my heart, twist around my mind,

Every.  Single.  Time.

I don't know anymore, you're a mystery,

And I only give you a peek, and you can somehow see me.

But you don't know the battle I go through, emotionally.

I'm not used to having feelings,

Do you see what you've done to me?!

You control, my sanity.

The End

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