Your Smile

gahhhhhh <3 just yesh, you know who you are, and just yesh <3

your smile is like summer rain it refreshes every bit of me,

and washes away all the aches and pains-

if i could i would waltz across your lips,tango with your tongue and fox-trot with your kisses.

your smile is like the wind,it takes my breath away,

it makes me giggle with renewed vigor,

blows me back for every three steps i make,

your smile makes everything okay.

your smile, your smile gives life a new meaning,

wipes the fog off the bathroom mirror after a long hot shower,

and shows the hydrated version,the revitalized you and me.

your smile is the epitome of happiness,

your grin the highlight of my days,

and your smirk the haunting shadow in my dreams,

your smile wakes me and lulls me to sleep-

your smile is simply just the most amazing thing.

your smile makes me feel-

the feel of your lips spreading against my kiss,

the widening of our lip's embrace,

the beam of happiness in its very existence,

the lullaby in its perfection,

the soft solidarity of its foundation-

your smile is the most beautiful of all things.

The End

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