Your Silence

Reflections on a past love.

You shed it like a breath,

too soft to meet my ears.

One brilliant moment

in time--quiet

because of you.

You owned it.


But it spoke, saying,

“This is the sound

of doubt. This is

the noise of uncertainty.”

Unvoiced ambiguity.

You hesitated.


But you still won’t tell

[even after the divided time]

what parts of you were meant

to seep into those gaps between

words. What was intended,

dearest, to reach me?


Was it the chill of words unspoken

or the simple lack

of words at all? Did those

restrained sentiments

have some mission

they never departed for?


Were they to soothe

my ears that ached in those

quiet moments of wondering?

Or were they hushed

for fear of further pain

at the cost of better judgment?


I wish I could know,

that your silence would span

the gap between us now

and whisper, “It is well.

My quiet, love, was

only meant to heal.”

The End

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