Your secret

Meet a guy, become friends

Drunken kiss, never ends.

Met up alone, have some play

Empty feelings, day after day.

You're unrequited, me on your side

Let you inside me, then lose my pride.

Car ride home, drunk new year

In garden, on floor, then came my fear.

You needed me to keep you sane

I wanted you away you ran.

Coded conversations, kisses never told

Single bed for two, then you turned so cold.

Wanted love, you wanted me

Wasn't enough to be my he.

Next came you, comfort then bed

Guilt, secret pleasures, occupying my head

Worthy of that and secret nights out

I'll never be her, I have no doubt

Listen to stories, read what you write

Not about me, they shine too bright

Why am I hidden, why not shared?

Hard for you all to show that you cared

So what happens next, can a heart be won?

That smile in your eyes, for only this one

The End

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