Your Patient, Doctor

Ima post this until it gets a comment/rating.

He needs a neurotic antibiotic,
If you’re not too hectic now.
And a narcissistic antiseptic,
If you’d conclude to allow.

Call a cathartic medic.
He’s heart sick
With a nickel to his name.
Rip the IV from his vein.
Don’t worry,
He’s too numb to feel the pain.

Like he’s reeling
In a cyclical sequence.
Like a bicycle pedal of events.
Like a little trickle of rain has come
To dimple the same simple puddle it came from.

He’s too chaotic to settle
For the toxic pills we peddle…

We’re dealing with
Caustic metal,
Soft like mercury,
But certainly fully fettle.



Don’t know when,
Though, the thin
Little hill of him
Will eventually fill
Into a Himalayan
Mountain of Zen
And compassion again.

The End

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