Your One Unrecognizable Flaw

When I emerge from the darkness
Will you be there to sooth my heartache?

Or when I tell you that I love you,
Will you kiss me passionately and love me too?

Your fingers trace circles along my arm.
Weak at the knees from you loving charm.

As we watch the burning sun set
I sit and watch you in adoring awe,

Taking, gasping, breathing in
Your one unrecognisable flaw.

Your flaw is written all over your face.
The flaw that keeps you in one place.

The flaw that pains like a jagged knive,
Fighting for the forgivness of eternal life.

And as the sun fades behind black mountains
The tears you cry could fill life's fountains.

Then, you grip my hand and gaze out on an endless sea,
You've finally realized,

Your flaw.....

It's me!

The End

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