Finding Love

My friend asked me one day
"Have you ever been in love?"
I looked for the right words to say;
As much as I wanted to be
It just never happened to me
She said "Love is out there looking for you
Love works in strange ways"
I laughed and I said; "Love is being replaced
Money, sex, and power, is slowly taking its place
But do you know what never fades?"
She looked at me with a confused face
"Friendship is something that will last a long time
And it doesn’t cost a single dime."
She said; "People marry for love, can’t deny that"
"So why does it never last?" I sincerely asked
"Love is out there, I admit the fact
But finding it is no easy task
Now I ask you this, have you ever been in love?"
"Yes, and it’s easier to find than you think"
"Why would you think that true?"
She smile at me and said;
"Because I found you."

The End

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