Love at first sight

I didn’t believe in love at first sight
Until I saw you that night
I never thought I would fall in love so fast
If anything, I thought I would be the last

I guess god sent you my way
So that I could see you that day
He knew that with you, I can be free
Because you can put my troubled heart at ease

You’re that missing piece in my heart
I wish we could be together and never apart
I want to be happy by being with you
Because you are my wish come true

Your eyes, hair, and face I’ll never forget
Because you’re the cutest girl I’ve ever met
You must be an angel in human form
Because you are a flower without thorns

You’re the girl I’ve been fighting for
You can open my door
To the heaven I’ve always dreamt about
Where I can finally love without doubt

When I stare out into the sea
It’s you, all I can really see
You’re gorgeous, lovely and warm
Like the sea, you’re pure and calm

You’re the purest angel ever seen
Now I know what love at first sight means
Like you girl, no other will ever be
You’ve no idea how magnificent you are to me

The End

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