Your Hazel Eyes

Dedicated to anyone with tanned eyes...

Your eyes, they're hazel, it turns me nuts in sober.

Like a newly born pearl, in the deepest ocean cover.

Like a tree tusk, except to your glance, it is rougher.


It's like honey.

Which from a queen bee, the hive’s hovered.

It's like an antique violin.

It's wooden, worn out, alluring, seemingly in slumber.

Whenever you glimpse, up or down, it's like a quick snake attack, makes me shiver.


It's like whiskey.

It makes me drunk, intoxicated, amble like a river.

It's like an exquisite rich man shoe, the more I look at it, the more it shines, blinds me however.

It's like an elegant woman, it makes me stare, drool, then quiver.


Your eyes are like meat.

I have on my dinner.

Because I'm a lion, I stride looking for meat.

And once I find you, I'll eat your eyes by mine, demolishing hunger.


I am hungry.


The End

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