Your Gaze Is Forever Absent

Your gaze is forever absent,

Our paths entwined yet distant,

My faith fades faster every day

As you walk away, away, away.

My love for you is endless

But for you this feeling's meaningless

As you tease and taunt, here comes more pain,

As it hurts again, again, again.

My life seems fruitless and futile,

A glimpse of me and you run a mile.

I tire of chasing, I tire of running,

I tire of calling, calling, calling.

Oh how you fear the sound of my voice,

My fleeting fury at your long ago choice,

My cries for help where no one can hear,

As it's you that I fear, I fear, I fear.

And now I am fearful, and now my heart aches,

And now your name rings in my ear as dawn breaks,

And now your voice pierces as you laugh this way,

As you walk away, away, away.  

The End

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