Your Eternal Master of PainMature

This isn't written by me, it's by my friend. I just asked her if I could post it on here because I really liked it.

It's only mature because it contains slight gore.

Everyones the SAME.
No Exceptions.
All of them.
None of them know the pain.
Even if you feel down.
They dont care.
All they want is your pain.
Feeding of it.
Like parasites.
They just have their egos.
without it they are nothing.
Blood running through their veins.
It is impure.
If you look inside their chest.
Maybe with a knife.
Oh how you love to bully.
One day it will go too much.
I may just have a plastic knife.
Words of the tip of my tongue.
Your words cut like an axe.
Fists of Metal.
But I will NOT back down
I will fight.
Even if I am dying inside.
I will kill you
I will rip every last part of you apart until there is nothing left.
until you are a battered shell
You will blame me for this
Believing what you will.
But you brought this upon yourself
I may be weird.
But thats what makes me.
Me as a person
And if you dont accept that.
I will hunt you DOWN
Suffer the pain you once caused me.
It will only last a life time.
Soon you will Bathe in your sweet depression
Like the blood I would love to drain from you.
I am not being unfair.
Maybe some day you will see the pain you caused me.
Counsellors wont help
Teachers wont.
Neither will friends.
Only sweet revenge.
I am not a demon.

The End

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