Your Dream World

If life were only like that of a dream. Where in real life you have many options, but only tend to choose one. Once you have chosen there is no going back, you learn and suffer the consequences that come. But, in dreams there is never "enough" options


Tucked under the sheets with your head rested on your pillow,

the eyes begin to seal until

they are tightly shut.

Awaiting you is a return, to view the unexpected things 

that occur each night and day.


Never knowing what will fall before you.

Leaving the element of surprise.

The agonizing feeling can kill you,

if you let it.


The least you can do is have hope,

that maybe this day will be one of the best.

You’ve had enough of the worst. 


No day is perfect 

but in this world a chance

is given over for eternity.


It is the only time,

time itself stops.

And starts new


For you to create your own world.

Learn your own lessons.

And if you make the wrong choice?

You are given another chance 

To relive it and experience endless change.


It is either the only way some people learn a lesson

Its is an escape for the horrors of today

It is your dreams.

Where anything is possible.

The End

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