Your Death, My Crimson Tears

Death's presence fills the air thickly
Like a black veil of grimlike splendor.
Pain washes away the thoughts inside,
Numbing a part of my mind.

I know not of laughter, no more love.
Without you, any elements of 
Happiness are nonexistent. 

Months go by, seasons change,
People move on, forgetful,
Content with what the future holds.

I am oblivious to it all.
Still I feel an emptiness,
An indescribable pain.

Nothing I can do
will bring you back--
Not prayer, not tears,
Nor curses, nor spells.

Cascading from my eyes
Are tears of crimson--
My heart is still bleeding.

I will grow older,
My exterior will change,
Yet this intense melancholy,
This pain, will always and forever
remain the same.

The End

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