Your Crystal Eyes

Crystal eyes is about the frustrations between the emotions of a complicated friendship that have just a few strings attached to them and no title.

Your crystal eyes, they shine and they burn

Finding myself lost at every turn

With whispered words you make my stomach churn

As I try to escape you, I keep hoping someday I'll learn

My weakness dear is i am a giver

Finding I can't escape the feeling, you make me quiver

Loud and passionate creeping on each shiver

Just say the words I keep hoping you will deliver

Your crystal eyes turning reality into hallucinations

Reaching the peak to each one of my frustrations

Realizing these are my declarations

I am weary of these accusations and confrontations

These complications, temptations and expectations

I keep waiting hoping not to be the jesture to fate again

Shushing the pain

Til the time fades it again


The End

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