Your Angel

This is a Poem i wrote for the guy I'm in love with. Only problem is he doesn't really notice me

I Wanna be the one you need
I wanna be the Angel that's always there
Because I love you

I don't want your heart to bleed
I always want to be the object of your stare
Because I love you

I think the only way you'll notice me
Is if I become an angel
Right in front of you

You know I'm here
Why don't you see me?
Is it because I love you?

I've always been your angel
Wether you knew it or not
Just like you've always been my superhero

I've always been here to save you
But sometimes that goes to far
And because I'm so devoted to you
I'm willing to give you up
Just because it might make you happy

I can't take anything for my own
I can't be selfish
I'll help you out
I promise

Your Angel

The End

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