Your Analyzing Eyes


Your analyzing eyes

give away your disguise

of love for my life.

Smear a smile upon your face,

hoping I will mimic your gaze;

I'm not fool enough to fall for your facade.

I'm not naive enough to let you make

my mind up for me.


In our relationship, 

you are the master, the puppeteer, and I am the marionette.

you pull my strings, I dance a clever jig, 

entertainment to your heart's content.

Yet if I tangle up my legs,

you let me fall into my own disgrace.

You only want me

by your definition of who I should be.

You welcome me to your family

so long as I am on my knees, begging to please, please like me,

but the moment I stand, you cut the rope

disown me, throw me out, beyond hope.


Don't bat your eyelashes and play pretend,

like you'd miss me in end.

I know you want me to be gone,

so I can't prove you wrong,

a perfect wrinkle in your perfect world;

you and me share the same mistake, 

you were the worst one I'd ever make,

that I ever called you mom,

that I ever was your girl.

The End

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