My Bonny Freshman Dory

My college experience portrayed through the styles and tones of the books I am reading at the time. Expect heavy metaphors and obscure references.

Kipling: Captains Courageous

My dory sways amid the turbulent seas of post-high trials. Is this the calm before the storm? Or the silent dread that creeps like the weed underneath? I can see the clouds breaking on the horizon and I have tasted the spray, but the hurricane has yet to come. No, the winds have yet to howl. The storm has yet to break against the bark of my bow, the salt in the stays but its imminence surges dangerously.

My dory floats amid the sea of schooners whose cheerful songs and hearty stories make my soul ache for loneliness. I drift aimlessly with only the mainsail to carry. 'Aye, it's the floatin' Chin-ease!' they cry for recognition, but their crews are all full. No room for this bias that anchors me, never mind the experience. They let me drift on as if I had somewhere to go...

My line is tight as is strong, but the fish are many and monsters lurk underneath the green swells. Work is plenty, but work alone can send me overboard to be taken away by ghastly white beasts. The grampuses await, or worse the lonely plains of an endless white-headed sea, forever to float amid the flickering fleet of one hundred ships, alone and mocked.  

I shall keep to my little dory, the bonny Chinese, and cling to the soft-polished hull. Until I find my lost schooner of famous repute, I shall ride through the tempestuous seas.

The End

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