Young, numb, and drunk.Mature

The characteristics of alcohol.

Numb, numb, always numb. Too young to feel this numb.

Too young to feel like this.

Too young to always taste you on my lips.

Too young to pass out in an artificial bliss.

Too young to awake feeling like shit.

Too young to drown my memories.

Too young to have you rest by my bed while I sleep.

Too young to choose you as my morning drink.

Too young to look old in the mirror.

Too young to cloud this mind, once born clear.

Numb, numb, always numb. Too young to feel this numb.

Too numb to believe in anything but you.

Too numb to even fight back, when I'm accused or abused.

Too numb to divide the wrong from the right.

Too numb to feel the heat of the day, or the cold of the night.

Too numb to feel true love, I see no wife or kids ahead.

Too numb to connect, a lover's touch is dead.

Too numb to listen when a loved one cries.

Too numb to cry, when that loved one dies.

Too numb to give a shit about my life and my heart.

Too numb to feel my physical body falling apart.

Drunk, drunk, always drunk. Too young to be this drunk.

Too drunk to understand helpful words of advice.

Too drunk to think before I act, those consequences always bite.

Too drunk is my sad first impression, for the sober strangers walking by.

Too drunk I always drive, weaving and drifting in and out of the lines.

Too drunk when I spend, I never remember my wallet going dry.

Too drunk when I walk, I stagger and I drop.

Too drunk when I talk, my slurred stupid words, come out empty of thought.

Too drunk to learn, the lesson I always forget.

Too drunk at work, now I'm fired and can't afford rent.

Numb, numb, always numb. Too young to feel this numb.

Too young to be suffering these afflictions.

Too young to be hung by this addiction.

Too young to even write the very words I'm writing.

Too young to find this state of mind inviting.

I'm having trouble,

I'm seeing double,

So I'll struggle to close the poem at the end of this page.

I made my point.

I'm losing my sober soul, at far too young of age.


Fuck it!

I'm drunk and putting down the pen.

I'll never really know, because I always forget.

But there's one thing I know for certain......

Holding you up to my lips, before indulging in another swig,

I whisper....

"It's all because of you Bourbon."

The End

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