Young Naivety

Fragmented memories retold in your eyes
A fleeting Glimpse,
Stomach Flips,
The First Kiss
Its enough to make me sick..
Nothing is ever the same once you
Break the one you love
In such a selfish way.

Shames not enough to make you feel
the tiny shards inside me;
A wound that never seals
With pain so fresh,
It rips away
the loving glow of memories
from all my cherished days
As the looming month of July
draws near
I fear, this love will eat me alive.
I tear my heart away from his light
But still feel
His kisses on my soul
From that first night..

Taken for granted
And left to soothe my
Inner child,
Before she hides and blooms
Into a monster
Not even loved by a mother.
Some damage you just can't cover.
I've been struggling, aching
trying to grasp my power
but every time your voice becomes louder
Saying that you love me
The promise dissolves what makes me ugly

I was a girl once,
Innocent and Shy,
Now a woman much too soon
Before my time.
I gave it all up assuming you'd always be there,
Just a naive girl stripped to her underwear.
You had me by a string
just as you do now..
I'm dangling, suffocating
but don't want to be cut down.
Everything hurts
Even with the drugs
All i want is love..
All i need is your love.

The End

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