Young Love Passed On

The sun filters through the trees
as our young love perishes in serenity
Where were you when I passed on?
somewhere lost in the fields of gold

Your beauty only lives on in memory
it harbours no illness I once desired
Your eyes still hold the promises unfulfilled
with every passing smile etched into my mind

Let’s leave the hurt
Let’s leave the agony
It was once a part of me
Now it’s gone
Let’s leave the hate
Let’s leave misery
It once brought us together
But now we never
we never had a chance at all

Our bond has been well and truly forgotten
pieces of a broken heart are left unwanted
Only the numb realisation comes to mind
we never had a chance after all

Our final resting place has become a broken home
we gave our farewells to the passing seasons
Why has my life suddenly moved on?
with our dreams... they are wishful yesterdays

The End

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