Young love...

Based on a true incident of my life. Sorry if it makes you sad.

You were the first who looked at me in that special way

your smile was what I hanged on to every moment of my day

Your touch used to light me up like the angels of god

And when you talked I went into this amazing world

A world with only you and me forever and more.

We used to be the cutest couple in town

With you right beside me I felt like I could conquer the world

Every obstacle of mine be it big or small

You slashed it down 

With your sword of love like slaying a demon in a mythical world.

Nothing lasts forever is so darn true

Because after a while we were through

My heart was never again the same

The painful heartache lingered within me

Eating me from the inside but I was too proud to admit it.

As time has passed I have moved on

Only from the outside because I still yearn

His touch, his smile which could light up my world

And send me to a haze

So strong is his intoxicating love.

He has moved on and I know it's true

though the fact cuts open my unhealed wounds

But he's still my love the first one and still the peerless

So please help me whoever reads this 

Because I don't wanting to die with my last words as "I wish".


The End

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