Young Eyes

a collection of free-verse poetry.

I can't see,

I'm blinded by the darkness.

I long for the thoughtful caress of sunlight,

The warmth of a new dawn.


I long for the brilliance of the world,

Something I'll never see.

My eyes are too young for this ancient world,

And I envy the timeless stare of the sun.


I want to see everything,

To touch and live and experience.

They say I am too young,

To be patient and that my time will arise.


But they don't remember this passion,

The burning curiosity of young, blind eyes.

It was too long ago for their eyes to recall,

And because they can't remember, they don't believe.


The curse of young eyes,

To be short-sighted in marvelous wonders.

The curse of ancient eyes,

To be so old they can't recall what it was like to be young.

The End

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