You'd never need love.

Can I make it up to you

Can I find some way to prove I didn't mean it

Some other way than what happens when you turn out the light. 


Because I'm not as old as you think I am

...... I'm not as strong as you believe, Sometimes...

It makes me feel like I'm not... me anymore


If I've upset you, Can't I make it better, love

Can't I rebuild everything I built all by myself, alone

Without your hands...Without your lips...Without that... pain


Can't I be better for you, without being someone else

Can't we just be still

Can't we


We could sit side by side, You could try and hold my hand,

We could be everything...That we never planned,

You could lean up against the stone wall, and pour out what's hurting you

I could look you in those closed eyes, and say that I've been hurting too

We could talk until our voices are dry, talk until my time runs out

We could say things in hushed whispers, we wouldn't need to shout...


I'd make it better my love........

Without that...need...


....You would never need love

Or anyone better than me...

The End

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