you will never drown

I would like to tell you, it’s going to be alright.

That someday, making the right choice will pay off,

the things that are confusing will become transparent,

and the cuts in your soles will blister and scab over.


But I’ve lived long enough to understand,

life’s not like that.


No good deed goes unpunished.

And sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie.

There are people who never find their chosen path

and wander the desert of wasted opportunities

for the eternity that feels like their life.


Some hurts cannot be undone,

even when your body moves on, your heart won’t.

You’ll walk around with a chip in your shoulder

and everyone will know.


It’s worse than wearing your heart on your sleeve.


But every step you take, you’re going somewhere.

Every breath your lungs hold

is teaching you how to let go.

Every tear you shed is of the purest substance,

and it will cleanse your beaten soul.


You will become strong, but you do not need to turn to stone

in order for that to happen,

for even rocks are eaten away by the erosion of the waves.


Instead, be calm, be peaceful,

like you are drifting out at sea.

Learn to let the storms carry you,

and you, will never drown.


The End

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