You were yet another cruel jokeMature

I fought a little I promise. 

I did not believe the lines this time 

I only drank half a glass of wine

But I was wrong again, used again, not enough again. 

So you won, random man 

Congratulations you're a star

But what a waste of me you are

I cried when I saw you with her what a fool 

It was plain to all my hot was your cool 

But nothing I say can sum up the way 

I want to change and erase any memory of you 

So Here we go again 

Fall in love in three weeks and feel cheap 

Harden up again and feel the pain 

Solitary, Fucked over, Not little and blonde 

What a joke i became 

When i thought I could love again 

Face facts, it'll be you only you so stop the waste

Turn and face the dejection 

The rejection of giving you all of me for nothing 

For you to feel smug as you walk hand in glove 

with the beautiful girlfriend you forgot to mention. 

But have no fear

This cunning old fuck will reveal 

herself to be a shiny diamond one day somehow 

She'll grow away from the weeds 

And never need anything but sunlight 

I wish you contentment fat and grub-like 

So that you will cry the way I have tonight. 







The End

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