You Were My Exploding Star

unrequited love
is like flying towards the cosmos - 
you are moving towards it,
but you will run out of air
before you reach it.
it's impossible.

silence is not a song,
it's quiet
but quiet is not peace.
instead it is simply
devoid of noise - 
that could also be because
of uncomfortableness like i felt
when she peered at me like i was
some kind of lab experiment.

my ribcage
creaks under the weight of
hatred because she makes me want to tear
at my chest until i hold
my bloody heart, clutched with unmanicured nails
and you hurt me so much
but i can't help loving you
even though its tearing me apart.

wrists are evidence
of when i was not enough
and pain did not come from your love
but instead from a blade
but these scars remain proof
and a deterrent the next time
i glance over

because i got over it.
and i will get over you if it kills me
and it just might.

The End

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