"You turned your face from mine..."

You turned your face from mine

Our gazes disconnected

Left me loveless, lone, and blind

As our looks they intersected --

Perhaps you felt me incomplete?

Your bright-eyed smile no more doth shine

And your quirks no more you speak

But, my dear, what fault is mine?

That you always felt so meek? --

Or was helping me a hopeless feat?

For ev'ry time you'd see my kind --

O, if I could count them out! --

Your eyes would freeze and turn to rime

That my soul in pain would shout --

That your darkest whims I could not meet!

But now my yen for you is gone

Because you left me so right fast

And now that you are all alone

Don't you wish those days had last? --

Perhaps you would not be with peat.

Yet still your eyes, they haunt my past

And that is why I rent them fast

And from my memory they I cast

Therefore your memento then had pass'd

Before you lay beneath that stone.

The End

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