You Thought You Knew Pain

Just when we think it could not hurt anymore, life surprises us with a pain much more worse.

There's that part of you,
That knows how sorrow feels.
And how it slowly kills,
What little happiness you have.
As it hits like a cosmic blast,
A impact that moves at the speed of light,
So far from seeing in ones sight.
Yet it hurts when it makes contact,
Never expected and unwanted,
When it appears,
And your forced into a flood of tears.
There's a part of you that knew it would not last,
The joy and warmth, fun times and laughs.

You thought you knew pain.
You have been hurt so much to the point its driven you insane.
That it's the worst feeling in the world to take on,
When your closed off without a ray of sun, alone.
With no one else but the shadows that form,
To listen as your heart breaks and mourn.
It surrounds you, the loneliness and cold,
Pitch black,
Not even a spec of light to help find your way back.
You thought you knew pain, but its nothing compared to what's coming,
When your life continues to darken and sour,
Till then into the next hour.

You thought you knew pain but then it goes deeper,
Then the hurt you've felt all along.
When all you thought before was sadly wrong.
Because what was a dull ache,
Became something of a different song,
One where your heart aches with intense,
In a more of the heartache sense,
As it beats fast and unsure,
Each time pained as it grows frantic.
Crying out for help more and more.
Its a broken string to a violin,
A organ wishing to mend,
Speaking louder than words in its wake,
Trying to get you to understand it can no longer take,
Rejection, hatred and miss-use.

You thought you knew pain,
Broken bones and deep cuts,
But nothing like a heart broken and tore.
The very thing that rests at your core,
Is the fire within your self,
That use to burn so brightly and strong.
A blazing fire,
That held your most important desire.
It got put out along with your spark,
When hatred and pain left its mark.
You thought you knew pain,
But you'll see when tears get mixed into rain,
That this is much worse than physical blows,
Only getting worse as time flows.
Its emotional stress,
Of your own personal mess,
So you'll see that now you can say you've known pain,
As it finally gets to the point of ways to make it end,
When your thoughts turn to the way of sin.

You thought you knew pain,
Now you know how it is to struggle with life or death,
When you put your free will to the test.
So you decide of a choice that could be your last,
As you think, you wont feel a thing, it'll be over fast.
Knowing if you choose a dark path,
You'll soon feel gods wrath.
But maybe, its not so bad because the pain you thought you knew,
And the pain that you know is far greater,
Will all be a distant memory as you fall.
When you hear death call,
And you've made your decision to welcome the darkness once more,
Because you'll be free of the torture,
Of the self loathing and hate,
As you decide your fate.

You thought you knew pain,
Now you know nothing.

The End

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