You Think I Don’t Notice Your Flaws?

Challenging that stereotypical idea that people in love see their partner as perfection. Better relationships are built on stronger suppositions.

You think I don’t notice your flaws?

The fast car you drive so

Recklessly because you know,

You know it makes you look like

A glorious luminary,

A king in name and only borrowed nature,

Whilst you languish

In posh prophetic,

Waiting for our crystal hearts to smash;

This card will display both lovers and

The lover’s blood,

Tainted arrogance.

I see you: you are my scrying mirror

With a tarnished reflection,

Where once clung a varnished surface.

This is always about you, isn’t it?

We slide, slip from tawny reflections

Onto the shards:

Our pathways converge at the worst

Junction, bitter words and

Running away. You and

Me, glares across the room.

You think I am watching a perfect man?

Ignorance does not fit you into robes.

You were smarter when you taught

Me anything etiquette.

Now, I’m simply eyeing

Arrogance. Where did you

Stash your perfection?

Yet, I don’t miss it.

Thinking of shaking you from my mind,

My breath catches.

For Shakespeare spun:

The world maketh the man,

And, my dear Muse, my pen has

Not stopped running

Since we locked eyes

And fought with thought;

Not your flaws – though you have them,

“they in thee a thousand errors see” –

But in the warmth from your eyes,

My errors are grander;

I forget every anger

And your flaws lift you on wings.

The End

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