You Should Know What Im Going To Say Before I Say ItMature

Jaw slacking as you strut into the room 

Little did i know that the spark in your eye meant my doom 

Why do i wake to your hands around my neck 

Completely wasted every night, i know im a wreck 

Is this what love is supposed to be? 

When the only on hanging on is me 

The fucked up thing is you dont even see 

Im hanging on by the noose you tied on me 

No longer will i resist or try to flee 

Hold my black heart in your hands with glee 

My hands wont stop trembling 

Im losing myself, along with everything 

You used to be so different 

As my heart hardened, the farther your descent 

To a place of anguish and strife 

The kind that wouldn't allow me in your life 

Clearly proving my only true partner is this tarnished knife 

The End

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