You Remember

Do you remember when
You used to call me
Sweet names then?
Our romance could never be,
I know that much
About you all ready,
So don't worry about this as such;
Let's just keep going, oh so steady.

Of course you wouldn't
Remember our sweet goodbyes,
You thought you shouldn't;
All I see now are the sweet lies.
And have you always told
The women you have met,
That their hands, forever, you want to hold?
How many of them, into your life, have you let?

For you I cry tears of shame,
For you, I let my heart go,
For you, I am heartless; so lame,
For you, every hour, minute, second is slow.

You are the one who got away,
Pretending to stay with your words,
My head, on this bed of thorns, I lay,
You have cut our future, our connecting cords.

The End

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