You Never Want To Let Me GoMature

Did somebody say 'break-up'?

'I never want to let you go',

Is a funny sort of phrase. It implies

that whether I leave you to rot, 

Or not, 

Is somehow your decision. 

But darling, you know, I don't recall 

ever needing your permission to leave so, why?

Why should I bow down to your authority? 

The authority of a boy who still gets tucked in each night, 

The authority of someone too fucking lazy to put up any sort of fight 

against anything. 

Sweetheart, where's your spark?

How can you be so content to fizzle out in the dark and just accept?

Accept the world that is brought to you,

Without wanting to seize it. 

The only thing you ever seized was my heart, my wise lack 

of wisdom and willingness to explore and play, 

My conviction and decision to die another day because you, 

You will never understand, 

That you can't hold someone else's world 

in the palm of your hand without 

them laying waste to it. 

Without them ripping it back and taking it 

to dizzying heights. 

So far above your high class dreams on your first class flight. 

Your dreams of a house and marriage and children 

Transpiring to the lowliness of me in the kitchen?!


I give me each day my daily bread,

And I will never be so easily led down the path

you carved out for me in your little head because, 

I can carve my own. 

A better one, instead. 

So if you really never want to let me go, 

Be reassured,

Because, I'll have you know, that that will never be an issue. 

When I leave, there'll be no letting involved, 

No granting of permissions, 

You have to see that when I leave, 

It's by my own admission. 

The End

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