You need to Know

You just need to know.

You need to know,
How much you hurt me.
The actions you do,
Strike a knife to my heart

Batterring my brain
With thoughts
That make me depressed.
Like hornets
Again and again.

It hurts me,
To see you like that
All happy
When I know what you really feel.

I'm not over it
No, I'll always remember
Will you never forget?

I need an answer
Will you change?
Did you change?

Strife is so hard

I think of ending it
You know,
The pain
To make it all over
But I can't

Cause I'm that loyal
I won't dare hurt you
So why did you leave?
I just wanted you.

It's making me glassy eyed
Frustrated and sad
Irritated and mad
Confused and worried

If this is true
Or if it's a lie
Maybe it's a lie
I would think of
As a truth

The End

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