You Make The Rules

A collaborative poetry challenge-thing where you make up two 'rules' your poem must follow.

The Such and Such

Inasmuch as the such and such rumbles past the hatch
My crutch bumps and bumbles up, a key turning the latch.
Ordinary Ordinary, my so-called song reverberates.

Crack away the lacquer now that obscures my humble palate.
The rough and tumble, crooked surface: my inadequacy, exposed.

 And if you bear your broken bits—throw them into harsh light
We might, just might begin to form a league of people of the right.

Love sticks better to rough surfaces. Humanity smells better

Humble. We can’t go doing it on our own, our letters
Are too short-coming. Our crutches far too broken.
But we can start to show our faults, and turn our eyes to hoping.

The End

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