You Made This

People do not always adore the person you become, especially when they're trying to deny they played a part in shaping you, making you, breaking you.

I cannot seem to make them come,

The words. The words I need to say.

It's like yours have stolen the air from my lungs,

Is this fun for you? Another game? 

In all your haste do you really think,

Do you believe that, through my gains,

Through all my hours of reflection, pen and ink,

You really think I can't see I've changed?

I can see it, can't you? I've gotten bolder. 

I feel stronger in my defiance of the apparent, 

But all you feel is clinical, colder,

And you don't think it's inherent

for me to shut my fears away.

You can't see it's all for self-protection,

This armour that I've made,

But I adore its gleam in my reflection. 

Back to you, back to now.

You're still going, words upon words falling on deaf ears,

Hoping to shock me? Well, take a bow,

As I know, I know you see it through your tears. 

Your electric shocked me long ago, 

And your manipulation set these wheels in motion, 

You hate it, but you cannot let me go, 

For I am your creation. 

The End

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