You lose.

just read.

This is the day my world collapses,

everything is left in ashes.

This what I've always feared.

The broken remains of my heart fall down in tears.

No one's there to hold my hand.

I'm alone in this world, with no place to go.

I've died inside.

There's nothing left.

You told me my world no longer exists,

you stole it away like a first kiss.

Exceot instead of feeling floaty and dazed,

I'm left falling in this eerie haze.

I'd have to be crazy to play this game.

You tell me so often that you are ashamed.

The feeling is mutual,my kind sir.

Well, you've finally won.

Are you happy now?

My life is ending, like the setting of the sun.

I'm trying to keep my head up,

but I keep falling down in mud.

I reach out, for someone to save me.

But no one's there,

you must think I'm crazy.

No one cares. Your smirk seems to say.

But your comments no longer faze me.

I take it back,

You lose.

The End

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