You know who you areMature

a person trapped in a negative relationship.

You laugh when you make me cry

I’m the one you hurt when you’ve had a bad day, even though I wasn’t there.

I’m the one you call when you’re in trouble

And I come, though I don’t know why I do.

I try to help when you have a problem

Although try to make more for me.

I’m the shoulder you always cry on.

But when I need one to lean on, you always move.

You look down on me when I’m upset

Even though you’re much worse.

You’re blinded by anger and hit when you’re mad.

You don’t like it when I call you out on what you do.

I know you’ve had it rough

But you push me away when the going gets tough

Even though I’m standing there holding out a hand.

I don’t like you’re music

But you don’t like mine.

Can’t you just keep out of my way?

Instead of rubbing it in my face?

I know you’ve got problems

But you need to know that I have some to.

You’re addicted to electronics.

Even though there are people right in front of you.

I know when you’ve had a bad day

Because you refuse to just say “Hey”

You feel the need to go on about being mad

Even though underneath you’re just looking for attention.

And I give it to you.

I know why I do.

Because if I don’t the you just reach out harder.

You start pushing and shoving without giving me a chance to bargain.

You’re beyond reason

You don’t want to listen.

Even though I mostly give good advice.

I don’t know why I try.

I don’t know why I write.

And I really don’t know why I Love you.





The End

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