You Fit Here Beside Me

uhm....i don't really know where this came from, but yea enjoy c:

you fit in the breaths between my words,

between the lines of dialogue that characterize my life,

there in the spaces of my poetry,

you fiit.

you fit in the least likely places,

in my past (that you didnt even share)

you fit beside me in the darkest dark

and even in the brightest brights

you fit like you've always been a part of my world,

you fit through cracks of my resolve,

giving strength to my doubts and all of my thoughts

and i dont know how but you fit in the corners of my mind 

like a sculpture bought during some forgotten time,

little memorandums posting everywhere in my mental corridors 

that maybe just maybe someone in this world can withstand being mine for a lifetime.

you fit.

you're the least likely person to be a candidate,

but my god, how you fit.

into the little pieces of me,

like glue, you fit there too keeping me from falling apart.

i dont understand it in the least,

but oh my,how i love

that you fit in these arms of mine,

and its just something i will never be able to forget.

The End

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