You Don't Know

A poem

You don't know how I feel, you cannot judge me
You don't know me, through my eyes you don't see
You judge me through, your limited knowlege
Of the path you are on, leaving painful carnage
With the things you don't know, it wasnt my fault
Rub it into my wounds, rub in all the salt
The stuff you don't know, or don't understand
An unknowing curse, a lying brand
I was torn apart, I didnt know it wasn't real
It isn't my fault, that I couldn't feel
I want to have loved you, I really do
But it wasn't my fault, that it wasn't you
I didn't mean to hurt you, because I didn't know
I'm sorry I hurt you, I should have said no
But I didn't realise what was going on
But now the deed, it is done
I'm sorry I couldn't love you, I really am sorry
I really wish I could've loved you, like you had loved me

The End

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