You don't care.

You don't care? 

I know you don't care 

You don't care about anything that doesn't affect you

You don't even care about your heirs

You want to make their lives harder for the sake of your own convenience 

You want to do all this terrible stuff then say that you don't mean this

You'll go to church for two weeks and "pray for your sins to be vanquished"

But in the end, you don't care about who takes this

Or who has it now, you are a selfish person who tries to make this

All about you, but then, who am I to speak this

Everything I say is narcissistic, it's wrong, and almost all of it is bleakness

But I think I have a voice, you know because I live on the same planet as you

You aren't a god, you are a human being, maybe you should try to learn this simple truth 

So don't ruin everything on this planet because you are too lazy to go to a garbage can or too apathetic about an album to buy it

And if you really want to help the world, stop being a climate change denier

But you don't care.

The End

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