You don't care

Another sad poem. This one is about suicide.

Does it hurt you,

When you see my cuts?

Are you ashamed to,

I have a bad feeling in my gut.

Do you notice my pain,

Or are you to oblivious?

You have to much to gain,

In your life, oh so precious.

Your always so busy,

For me and my problems,

I am also so dizzy,

From my highness and problems,

You don't notice my cuts,

Until they are full scars,

I get more pain in my gut,

After you know about the scars.

And you can yell at me,

For as long as you want,

But, It's not doing anything, can't you see?

Your just a big taunt.

But some voices in my head say "Make it bleed"

And some say "Stop your hurting"

I thing I need to continue and proceed,

Maybe It'll make my heart stop beating...

The End

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