You don't call, You don't write

You don’t call, you don’t write



You don’t call, you don’t write

Just another forgettable face I guess

No point in morning such a common condition

But I do every damn time!

I want you to know that

Because every time I was ready to dissipate

You held me firm

I wanted to fade with the mist

But you held fast

I hate you for turning me into a matter of convenience

As ritual as your morning paper

Only calling me when it suits you


You don’t call, you don’t write

You never ever stop by

I wanted to be surprised

I wanted to feel the world become anew

But I find myself stuck in this cliché again

You told me there was promise

I’m slowly learning that’s not the same thing as making an actual promise

And I don’t like it


You don’t call, you don’t write, You don’t find a place in my dreams

And I know you don’t make a place for me in yours

You are so vacant

Your dreams must hold dust motes

But it must be so dark beneath your eyes that you cannot see them drift to the ground

Spirally all the way down.


You don’t call, you don’t write

Don’t you dare expect some semblance of affection from me now!

You didn’t want to connect with me, connect to me

Don’t you dare reach for me know

I told you before and I’m telling you know

I’m some one significant.

I won’t let someone reduce me to an object.

Or worse a horse in a stall

A dog barking in a cage, just waiting for fingers to pass through the bars, holding out for some semblance of kindness.

No I was taught to expect more.

I know that there is more.

The End

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